Are you a small business looking to take advantage of the free marketing available with today's social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram? 


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From tee shirts to coffee shops, I've had the privilege of helping business owners take the most important step of all, getting their products in front of lots and lots of people! Let's sit down and discuss how we can do the same for your business. My commercial rates vary depending on the size and scope of the project involved, but as a general rule I charge $400 for a half day of shooting. This includes as many retouched images as we can get during our session (this number varies but I won't skimp on you! I sometimes end up with around a hundred great shots). I encourage business owners needing individual product photography to gather and organize their merchandise ahead of time to maximize our results on the day of. 


Are still shots not what you've got in mind? Want to take your advertising to the next level? I specialize in short and exciting films that are edited and formatted just for the most popular social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. All videos are set to the music of your choice (properly licensed from the Artlist Marketplace) and have any titles and effects that you want. Each project is unique and at least one planning session is required for us to sit down and figure out exactly what direction we should go in. Prices on videos are tough to estimate up front because each project is so different, but in general prices start at $250 for Instagram (limited to one minute in length by the app) and $350 for YouTube, Facebook or commercial videos up to three minutes. During the planning session we can determine the exact price of the video based on shooting location(s), props, post production needs, etc so you know up front what to expect. For businesses needing multiple videos I can sometimes lower the rate per video if the shooting for each takes place at the same time and location. Hit the YouTube or Instagram links at the bottom of this page to be taken directly to my channels and check out my latest videos!


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'Our Finest Product' beach shoot, Acworth Ga.


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