Real Estate & Architectural 


-$125 For houses up to 150K

-$150 For houses up to 300K

-$175 For houses up to 400K

-$200 For houses up to 500K


All packages include as many retouched images (up to 50) as I'm able to gather depending on the property. Some smaller houses can only produce 18 to 20 final images while larger houses can easily produce closer to 50. I also take any close up detail shots of the property that I see for use in mailers, fliers and posters. 


Commercial Advertising 


-$1,000 per day with a half day minimum. These shoots include as many retouched images as I'm able to get based on the subject matter. Clients are encouraged to organize products ahead of time if applicable in order to maximize the number of images they get in the end for social media purposes. Have camera / will travel. This price includes any location within the metro Atlanta area.