Real Estate & Architectural
-$150 For houses up to 150K
-$175 For houses up to 300K
-$200 For houses up to 450K
-$225 For houses up to 550K
-$250 For houses up to 650K
-$275 For houses up to 750K

All packages include as many retouched images as I'm able to get up to 50. Some smaller houses end up being closer to 20 images while larger houses can produce the full 50. I also take care to shoot any close up shots that I see for use in fliers, post cards, mailers, etc.

Commercial Advertising
-$1,000 per day, half day minimum. These sessions include as many retouched images as I'm able to get during the shoot. Customers wanting individual product photography during these shoots are encouraged to organize the products ahead of time to maximize the number of images we're able to shoot during the session.

-Prices start at $150 for a single location portrait session including one change of clothes (for headshots or modeling portfolio shoots). Up to 25 retouched images are included with the package but in reality it could be more or less depending on the results. I find that planning a portrait session around a story or theme tends to produce the best results so feel free to call or email me ahead of time so we can brainstorm about the shoot to make the most of our time on location.
More elaborate shoots involving several changes of clothes or multiple locations would run closer to $300, but call ahead of time so we can work out exactly what's needed and I can give you a more accurate quote. Those sessions would include as many great shots as we get that day.