I've loved taking pictures since I was a kid and in college I seriously considered starting a photography business, but at the time I also had the bright idea to become a cop. The irony is that over the years as a cop I've found myself holding a camera quite a bit for everything from crime scenes to documenting evidence or conducting surveillance and that kept my passion alive for it. 


So after fourteen years (and counting) of police work and six years in the Air Force Reserves, I decided to finally start my photography business. I shoot with the Canon 5D Mark III camera, all 'L' series lenses (except for one 'plastic fantastic' Canon 50 mm lens) and a hefty Manfrotto tripod. I light my real estate / architectural shots using multiple speed lights placed throughout the space to bring the individual character to life. The most consistent comments I get about my work is that it's very true to life, especially with my real estate work. I spend very little time in post production and all of it is done in Adobe Lightroom. My other work is accomplished in much the same manner using shoot through umbrellas, various diffusers, reflectors, scrims, and of course, ambient light!